Jpeg image format, what is it.. and how to use it.

There are so many image formats available that sometimes for a non technical person it can be difficult to decide which image type to use for there work.


Don’t worry though as it may be complicated in all the technical terms it is not that difficult to understand and we have tried to explain everything in the most simplest manner so you can understand and hopefully won’t have any form of complications in your mind after this.

Here is we will talk about Jpeg’s, which are my favorite forms of file types but they are mostly personal preference like the best cigar humidor for you will be a lot more different then what it will be for me.


Jpeg stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is the most used image format on the web and for digital files and that is because it is a lossy file type. Basically what it means is that when you save an image in jpeg it losses a lot of details and saves up on space. In simpler terms if you are not looking for the best of the quality but want the file size to be small, Jpeg will be the choice for you.

This happens because jpeg discards all the extra color and information in the image and frees up as much extra space as possible. All that free space that it is freeing up? It’s image information that makes up the image such as color, textures, gradients etc.

When it discards all of that the image losses its quality but also becomes smaller in size. So it’s a trade that you have to choose.

For example this image of a cigar cutter was taken and then converted into a Jpeg file to reduce size. As you can see the pixel area you can understand that it has lost quality. It will be very slight to notice here but if you were to download this image and expand it, the issue will become much clearer.


In a lot of images you won’t even notice the difference until you have to blow it up to huge sizes and that is when you start noticing all the pixels and how much information is lost.

Then again this is why it is the most used image format for the internet, because when you are looking at a pic on phone you don’t really see the pixels and thus having the smaller file size means quicker loads and faster transfer.

Now you might think that it might not be important but just imagine all the files running around and think how important it is to you for the webpage to open instantly.

Well that is why it is also very important that file size should be small so that it can be downloaded and transferred quickly.